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October, 2005 : Claude BONNET founded the company FASIS with purpose to provide specialized expertise in the fields of industrial safety and environment.

Claude BONNET : Qualified in Chemical Engineering at the Toulouse University, he joined the company TECHNIP as head of studies at the service processes / utilities and at the service SEI (Safety, Industrial Environment). Following this, he joined CEP / VERITAS as head of security / environmental / safety affairs.
Then, he became the chief of KREBS SPEICHEM (Technip) office in Toulouse, where he was responsible for hazard studies (Seveso and others), risk analysis, ISO 14001 management system, etc...
He later joined INERIS (National French Institute of Industrial Environment and Risks) where, following a position as delegate to the Services, in charge of sales and technical support for engineers, is appointed head of the risk prevention unit, in charge of teams of studies, business and research laboratory dealing with the reliability of the technical and organizational systems.
He participated in the preparation of regulations relating to the probabilistic approaches and the land use planning. He provided training to DRIRE’s inspectors.
He left the INERIS in 2005 to found the company FASIS : missions of facilitation and studies for companies subject to the Seveso regulation or not, with the possibility of partnering with a consulting firm specializing in safety, environment and health studies.

November, 2007 : Entry of Andre CARRAU as a shareholder and Scientific Director.

His arrival allows the development of expertise in modeling and implementation of research and development for the industry. Ph.D. in applied mathematics, 20 years of experience in the field of numerical modeling:

- PhD conducted at CEA-CESTA (1989-1992) His research focus is on developing mathematical models and numerical aerodynamics (3D computer code for calculating flow around reentry)
- Post-doctoral research at INRIA (National Institute of Research in data processing and Automatic) (1993-1994)
He leads in the SINUS project (Digital Simulation in Engineering) research on models of anisotropic turbulence. In this context, he co-hosts the European project ETMA (Efficiency Turbulence Models for Aeronautics) consists of 27 research laboratories.
- INERIS (1994-2007)
In working within the INERIS (National Institute for Industrial Environment and Risks) for 13 years successively as head of digital development unit within the Assessment Department, modeling and risk analysis, program manager of fire within the accidental risks Division and regional delegate in charge of the regions Rhône-Alpes, Auvergne and Bourgogne in the south-est of France.

He developed an expertise in modeling applied to industrial and environmental risks. He has among others worked to develop numerical models applied to the firedamp in mine, gas explosion, fire or toxic release. In parallel of his work in research and development, he brought his experience to industrials as an engineer and trainer in fire safety and modeling and also to the Government in charge of the environment as a technical support particularly in the context of rewriting the regulations for the storage of combustible materials.

March, 2009: Foundation of the American subsidiary Fasis Inc.. , the head office is based in New York with offices in Washington DC.